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Except to ensure for the Domain name, choose the right hosting company is most important that you have to pay your attention and considered seriously, because once you have wrong in choosing a server hosting will significantly any acchivement and succeed, evenly may be a website could be unsuccessfully.

In example : In case an access to our website is going slow in one of a location or in several locations which are capable to be our main market target. And they are some other factor that may caused un-succesful, which is due to we have wrong in choosing a wrong hosting company.

Below are some points that must be considered that is the right way to choose and to decide a hosting company :

  1. Speedy to the server access , The speed of server access in every location where be our main market target, by doing a ping to server from the location of market target. Off course these are not so easy, however we arrange to do this step from our computer where the right step will be described in my other special topic.
  2. Bandwidth capacity , Total number of available bandwidth capacity for the account of our website on hosting. This is important, because if the total number of available bandwidth capacity is not big enough, so the traffic to our website will be certainly limited.
  3. Storage space , We need to have enough available storage space for storaging any web file including mail data.
  4. Technical support , must be easily can be accessed by the owner / web site operator for anytyime and just in case there are any technical problemwith our hosting where off course must be comply with backup data.
  5. Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ) , some of hosting company providers offering for free submission to several Search Engine portal.

After learning to some review, which consist of the above 5 ( five ) matters and making several comparisons with many hosting companies, finally we found some balances and recommended to some hosting companies which are reliable for our website hosting. You can feel free to choose the following hosting companies as follows :








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